TTE 30

This short to mid-range indoor tractor can be used, depending on the application, as a stand-on or sit-down unit. The adjustable backrest is very comfortable in both situations. This rear driven tower can reach up to 12 km/h to rapidly link the different production or stocking stations. The driver’s presence is detected by a contact under the seat and the low 188 mm rubber stand-on platform.

The combination of a steering wheel and the butterfly button accelerator and “motorbike-like” brake lever makes the TTE 30 very easy to operate.

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Model Code TTE 30
Drive Electric
Operator type Sitting / standing
Load capacity (Q) 0,1 t
Towing capacity (Q) 3 t
Rated drawbar pull (F) 1000 N
Wheelbase (Y) 1162 mm